Panthers Throttle Rival Cedar Ridge in a 42-3 Win

Payton Wilson catches, bringing in a touchdown

By: Taison Farrington

On Friday, October 14, the Orange High School Panthers demonstrated their mastery as they made an example of their crosstown rivals. They beat the Cedar Ridge Red Wolves, with a final score of 42-3. Continue Reading…

OHS Holds Auditions for Little Shop of Horrors

Photo Credit: Alexandria Hopkins

By: Alexandria Hopkins

The theatre department at Orange is jumping back into the school year for the first fall production: Little Shop of Horrors. Continue Reading…

An Interview with Eric Yarbrough

By: Lauren Coffey

Eric Yarbrough, former Gravelly Hill Middle School principal, is Orange High’s new principal. His position was announced at the end of the 2015-16 school year, shortly before Orange’s former principal, Jason Johnson’s, departure.  Continue Reading…

An Interview with Orange’s Newest Science Teacher

By: Andy Sollars

Orange High School has a new science teacher. Since Nina Daye has left Orange, the school has found their new environmental science teacher, Rachel Fort. Den Echoes staff writer, Andy Sollars, sat down to talk with Fort and discuss labs, enthusiasm, and educational value.

Continue Reading…

Editorial: Thank You, Den Echoes

By: Samantha Dickerson

At the end of every year, Den Echoes asks its senior editor-in-chief to write a closing statement about their time here at Orange and how it has impacted their life. They look back on the great things about being on staff and about being the editor. I have read these types of statements for three years and did not want to do that. I felt it was cheesy or too feathery. However, when I started writing different editorials about things I believe we should change or things I couldn’t wait to do when I left, I had to erase it all and start over. Nothing felt exactly right. I think the real reason why I didn’t want to write this is because I knew it was going to be difficult to say goodbye. Continue Reading…

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